Appearances & Workshops

Ken and Jay HugosKen is available for appearances at bookstores, conventions, writing workshops and other events.  He is a frequent presenter and experienced, entertaining speaker on a variety of subjects including the craft and business of writing, self care for writers and coping with C-PTSD.

Ken also teaches a full-day workshop of his own,  Harvesting Stories, taking up to 20 participants at a time through his process of finding and fleshing out short stories via small group exercises, individual exercises and Ken’s witty “Trailer Boy” presentation style.

In addition to writing and speaking, Ken’s a performing musician who integrates his various creative pursuits whenever possible so you’ll often see him with a guitar nearby.  Fans and friends have a standing invite to drop by his performances at the Rose City Book Pub in Portland every other month.

If you would like to have Ken at your event or would like to host a workshop in your area, contact him at



Aug 3, Oct 12, Dec 7        7pm – 9pm      Rose City Book Pub,  Portland OR

Oct 26                              9am – 4:30pm  Clarion West Workshop, Seattle WA