Ken’s been a performing musician for over thirty years, cutting his teeth on the streets of Stuttgart with a six-string guitar and a harmonica taped into a coat-hanger.  From 1988 to 1997, he played mostly religious music with over 75 gospel songs written during that time.  Once he transitioned into writing and a secular worldview, he played occasional room concerts and parties at conventions.  But in 2012, he started bringing his guitar to book signings and started playing gigs in restaurants, bars, festivals and conferences.


These days, Ken makes regular appearances at the Rose City Book Pub and various live music venues around the Pacific Northwest.  His primary focus is in the rural spaces as a nod to his “Trailer Boy” small town roots.  Ken plays acoustic re-imaginings of popular covers mixed with his own original music (and stories about his wacky life) primarily as a one man show but occasionally with friends.  And he frequently combines his work in the arts with his work as an empowerment coach and consultant, making him a big box of fun for keynote addresses, fundraising events and other creative combinations of his multi-faceted skill-set.  Track him down on Facebook to be added to his invite list and find out where he’ll be next.

His first album, LIVE AT THE VILLAGE INN LOUNGE, is available in CD and digital format.  Recorded at his last First Friday performance after a four year run at the Village Inn Lounge in Saint Helens, Oregon, LIVE AT THE VILLAGE INN LOUNGE captures the heart and soul of Ken’s musical storytelling.



If you’d like Ken to make an appearance in your venue musically or otherwise, please contact Ken through the form below.