Miscellaneous Updatery…and a Song

change is the pathHowdy folks!  Trailer Boy here.  It’s been a while.  I’ve been busy adjusting to the new life.  I’ve found that I’ve quieted down over the last little while.  I’ve never really blogged too much and have only been active on Facebook when it comes to social media.  But lately, I’m not really there much either.  I’ve not had a lot to say.

And yet, it seems a good time for an update.

My sabbatical continues and I’m not sure yet when I’ll return to writing.  I’m more sure now that I will at some point than I’ve been these last few months.  For a long stretch, it felt like I might just be done.  With a body of work fifty short stories and five novels deep, I certainly could be.  After nearly 20 years of pushing the Writing Rock up the hill, it’s been nice to stop fussing over it for a spell.  And lately, my musical life has been expanding and evolving.  I’ve spent more time there this last six months and am realizing now that it’s because music is so in the now.  Writing is not in the now for me — it’s a constant fly-cast back to the past and out into the future with imagined bits of life dressed up as fiction.  It’s intentional and complex and effort.  Music, for me, is like breathing and heart beats.  It happens without my attention or effort.

But at the end of the day, I’ll need both in my life.  So for now, I’m adjusting to going back to work and letting the writing sit until I need to heat things up for the release of HYMN next November.  And I’m playing music.  I even have a band now.  Ken Scholes and the Hendrix Happening.  We’re learning to play together and I’m learning to use a sound system.  We have a demo tape.  And soon, there will be a ReverbNation site.

Speaking of HYMN releasing next November:  I’m sad to say that we won’t see any of the earlier volumes reprinted ahead of the last book hitting the world.  I’m not surprised — sales have not been strong since the first book.  The folks that love it really love it but there just aren’t enough of them buying the books.  I’m told that folks can get the first four volumes in the POD trade program.  And Amazon was bundling the first four on Kindle last I looked; Tor will do something similar with the e-versions around the pub date.  And then I’ll do whatever I can to promote it.  But honestly, I’m not sure how far HYMN can really go without earlier volumes easily accessible.  Ah well.  The mantra is:  “Go write the next book.”  And I will.  No idea when or what about.  Probably after I settle into the next place.

My divorce is nearly finalized.  I’ve not been public about it but it’s been a difficult process and a tough year.  Last year at this time, I was setting up a new place to live — a home put together largely from scratch for me and my daughters — and a lot of people came around me to help.  This is my shout out of thanks.  It’s been a hard year but it’s been a good year in this space I’ve put together learning to operate on my own.  The original path I’d hoped for, working from home with the writing and consulting, didn’t work out but the path I’m on will be fine.  I’m adjusting to being back to work after all that time at home and the girls are adjusting, too.  And being back at the County is a dream.  I missed that place every day that I was gone even though I know I needed the time away.  It’s good to be back among familiar faces and spaces.  And it’s good to be getting a paycheck and benefits.  I’ll be nice and adjusted to that change once it’s time next spring to start looking at houses and preparing for the next move.  More big change, more adjusting.  But once we’re settled in (somewhere in Washington County), I’m hoping Leroy and me will be ready to tackle something substantial.  Until then, if something short tickles my fancy, I’ll write it.  So far, nothing.  And I’m okay with that.

I have one event on my agenda for 2017 — The Creative Ink Festival up in British Columbia.  That’s your great opportunity to connect with me around your writing so come out and see me.  I might make World Fantasy Convention.  I keep hoping to make that one with an occasional Worldcon thrown in.  But otherwise, unless I’m sent or brought by someone other than me, I’m done with conventions and workshops for the foreseeable future.  I’m not willing to give up kid time and I can’t spend the money or take the time away from work.  When I do return to writing, it’ll largely just be writing…not all of the other activities I was killing myself with in the early days trying to find my path in.

Oh and there’s been talk of a “Muse Management and Production in the Story Factory” workshop here in Saint Helens.  If we can get 10 people lined up, I’ll gladly teach it.

And last — the block continues to hold.  I keep thinking I may do some focused posts here around my PTSD journey.  It might help jump-start the stalled book I was working on a bit last summer.  Next month marks two years since my last treatment and the PTSD continues to remain in remission despite some of the most stressful circumstances of my adult life.  I’m amazed and grateful.

Otherwise, I think that’s all the news.

Oh.  And a song.  Yes.  Here it is.  Ken Scholes and the Hendrix Happening….


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