Upcoming Book on PTSD

So not long ago, I announced that my next project would be a book on PTSD with my good friend Manny Frishberg and with Dr. Eugene Lipov, the man whose “Chicago Block” treatments have changed — probably even saved — my life.  Over the next few months, we’re building the table of contents and the outline for the book so we can put together a proposal.

I know a lot of you have watched my video about the experience, “Silence of the Chattering Head Monkeys.”  Some of you have even gone in and received the treatment yourselves.  The book will cover my experience with C-PTSD, its various treatments and specifically the block…along with a lot of other good information.  My recovery path has been a very powerful combination of the injections and talk therapy that I will detail.  And if everything falls into place, the Doctor’s story will also be told.

My question for you is:  What else would you like to see included?  Understanding of course that there is only so much room.  But what from my experience of PTSD and its treatment do you want to know about?

Speak up in comments.  I’m certain Manny is watching.

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