Another Milestone for the Trailer Boy….

This year marks 20 years since my first short stories started showing up in the world.  And now, in addition to publishing books and short stories and poems and articles, I’m pleased to announce that some of my music has been recorded and published in the form of an album.

LIVE AT THE VILLAGE INN LOUNGE captures nearly an hour of my original music, recording live from my last “first Friday” gig at the Village Inn Lounge in St Helens, Oregon, where I lived for 10 years.  I think you’ll find stories within each song so I hope you’ll consider picking up the album through whatever venue you use for music.

It’s acoustic alternative folk rock for want of a better label — songs about life, loss, love and all of the points along the landscape of the human experience.  I hope you’ll check it out and if you like it, tell a friend or drop a review somewhere.

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