Because I Get the News I Need on the Weather Report…

Today marks three years since my pal Jay (Lake) succumbed to cancer.  I miss him every day.  I can’t even fathom where I’d be as a writer or human without his influence in my life.  We went places, me and him, that I never imagined going — window licking in NYC, road-tripping to San Francisco, co-hosting the Hugos — and the sheer amount of raunchy, sometimes punny, hyjinx was off the charts everywhere we went.

There would certainly be no Psalms of Isaak — and probably about 2/3 few short stories — without his brotherhood in my life.

Tomorrow, I’ll cover “Only Living Boy in New York” at the show in memory of Jay.  For today, I’ll the guys who made it famous sing it for him.

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