Miscellaneous Updates from the Edge of Adventure!

Howdy folks.  Most of you already know I’m not a big blogger or Tweeter or G-pluser et al.  I feed Facebook more than anyplace else and don’t do nearly as much of that as I settle into a quieter phase.  But some updates are in order.

  • I’m moving from Saint Helens, Oregon to Cornelius, Oregon, in about two weeks.  I’ve bought a house (it even has solar panels) on the edge of that smallish town.  My dayjob commute won’t be as pretty but will take about the same amount of time and I’ll be eleven minutes away from my ex, which will make co-parenting the girls much easier this next decade.  They turn eight the weekend of my move.
  • Hymn comes out in December and leading up to that, Tor is offering up a bundle on the first four books.  You can pre-order the bundle and Hymn both.  Tell your friends.  I’m hoping we’ll see things move a bit with the series now that it’s complete.  Especially if readers and reviewers receive it as well as the first readers did when I finished it.
  • Sometime prior to the release of Hymn — if all goes well — we will release our first album, Ken Scholes and the Hendrix Happening: Live at the Village Inn Lounge.  More details on that both here and at our Reverbnation page.
  • I will be out promoting Hymn in December and January but I have no idea where.  My time will be limited by parenting schedule and dayjob responsibilities but I will do what I can.  I will  be in San Francisco for SF in SF on December 10.  I’ll try to use that weekend to do more down in the Bay Area since it’s the first weekend the book will be out.
  • Right now, I’m not writing.  But I plan to start something in January — either a YA novel or a novella set in the world of the Psalms of Isaak.  I’m not sure yet.  Leroy is busy doing other things and after twenty years of pushing him pretty hard on things, I’m letting him take his time and focus where he sees fit for now.
  • Facilior Solutions is up and running but the website needs updating.  My first client is Cascade Writers and I am working with the Board of Directors on a strategic plan and organizational tune-up over the next year.  It’s fun to be doing that kind of work again even if very part time.  And there’s lots of opportunity to help if you want to get involved with an awesome nonprofit org committed to new writers.  Of course, involvement is easier if you are in the Pacific Northwest.
  • And last but not least, I continue to operate PTSD-free with over 2.5 years now of remission.  The new tools and understanding over the last year especially have given me more confidence, peace of mind and freedom from anxiety than I’ve ever known.  I am looking into an updated PTSD video since the one here on my site is from 2012.  So be watching for Silence of the Chattering Head Monkeys, Part Deux.

And that’s just about all there is to say.  Trailer Boy out.

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