An Update on the Crater Climb And Some Good News


So of course, I should start with some good news.  My friend Jay (Lake) dominates the Endeavour Award ballot shortly on the heels of his Locus Award win.  (Last year, you’ll recall, I won the Endeavour for Requiem in a tie with Ramez Naam.)

This year, Jay and I on the ballot for METAtropolis:  The Wings We Dare Aspire.  And we are up against…well…Jay and Shannon (Page) for Our Lady of the Islands.  And up against Jay His Ownself for Last Plane to Heaven.  And Jay, Himself and with us, is up against Patricia Briggs for Night Broken and Django Wexler for the Shadow Throne.

What a ballot.  Last year, I was completely caught off guard by the win.  And it was also the weekend of Jay’s local (at the con) memorial which I had the honor to officiate.  This year, I’m just tickled that he and I made a ballot together.  And that he and Shannon’s book and his remarkable collection landed there, too.  (I blurbed Our Lady of the Islands and reviewed the copyedits and galley proofs for Last Plane to Heaven.)

I’m very proud of you, my friend.  Glad we made the ballot together.  Now fingers crossed for a three-way tie.  Wait.  I said threeway.  Jay would like that way too much.  And he’d probably insist that we brought the awards along.

Sigh.  I miss you, pal.  Best of luck to you, and us, and the rest of y’all.  Wheeeee.  Such great company we keep.

Update on the Work…

I finished the readthrough of Requiem and will have something up on that in the days ahead.  I’m a little behind my original estimates.  It took me (gasp) two months to listen to the first four books.  But it was well worth it.  A few weeks ago, I started doing freewrites to limber up my writerly muscles.  And then last week, I slid into my LIttle Green Man antho story like a hot tub and started getting down the words.  I’ll finish soon and then I’ll be jumping into Hymn.  It feels good to be working again.


Everything is a go for Blue Yonders, Grateful Pies and Other Fanciful Feasts.  And the fantastic review in Publishers Weekly got me a bit of Hollywood Love.  Two different inquiries on film rights.  Of course, these things can not be counted on.  Just enjoyed.

And to close out on more awesomeness, I’ve managed to drop about 18 of the 30 lbs I gained back after last year’s Summer From Hell.

Still to Come…

At some point this year, I’ll get the info needed on getting my first album recorded.  I’ll likely Kickstart it and throw a big launch party concert for project supporters.

And once Hymn’s done I’ve got a few secret projects to finally kick off.  Whew.

Feels good to be me again.  Praise Lipov!  His double whammy on my PTSD in January has made a HUGE difference.


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