First Blurb In For Blue Yonders, Grateful Pies!

I meant to post this sooner…sorry about that.  Our first blurb for my third collection is in and from the fabulously talented Tina Connolly, author of the Ironskin trilogy and her newest, Seriously Wicked!

“Ken Scholes mixes wildly beautiful imagery with the sharply visceral; the profoundly mythic with the profanely human. These keenly observed stories of faith, love, and loss will resonate in your bones.”

Thanks Tina!

In other news, there is a chance that there will be a launch party for Blue Yonders, Grateful Pies and Other Fanciful Feasts at Worldcon.  I’ll make an official announcement here if it happens.  And hey, that means I’ll be making a ninja stealth appearance in Spokane.  I’ll be off the radar and unprogrammed but will find time to sit down to some kind of group breakfast with fans and friends and maybe line up a room concert or two.

And hey, help a fella out and pre-order the book here.

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