Trailer Boy Workshops on the Road

So here’s a thing.  Last year, I put together a workshop — “Muse Management and Production in the Story Factory” — and ran my first group through it.  I combined a series of tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years with a relaxed atmosphere full of questions and answers and some practical exercises to find and sketch out the stories that are all around us waiting to be written.  It went well.  So I did a second.

Now I’m rolling it out wider.  Next month, I’ll be in Eugene, OR (there’s plenty of room) and now I’ve had some interest for a workshop near Portland.  I’m hoping initially to do one of these every other month…ideally someplace within driving distance or a short flight away.  They run from 9am to 4pm usually on a Saturday or Sunday,  When possible, I’ll also schedule a music gig at a writer-friendly venue that we can go to afterwards to whoop it up a little.

Boise?  Salt Lake?  Denver?  San Francisco?  L.A.?  Vancouver BC?  Calgary? Missoula?  Spokane?  Tri-Cities?  Bellingham?  Yup.  I could do those pretty easily.  I’m going to avoid the Seattle area since Clarion West has invited me twice to do the workshop up there and I’d like to keep doing this for them for as long as they’d like me to.

What I need?  10-15 committed, paid participants — no more than 20.  And a dedicated15746399-old-paper-and-pen-on-a-white-background-Stock-Photo-pen-quillcoordinator in each location willing to help connect me to the right people and places and assist with promotion in exchange for free attendance at the workshop. Cost is $100.

Right now, I’ve got Eugene in August and potentially St Helens (30 miles from Portland) in October.  Now, it’s time to find a mid to late January venue.  Then March, then May…you see how it goes?

Meanwhile, I’m still building the workshop page and figuring out the registration process and Paypal invoicing.  But I’m doing this.  Me and Leroy all the way.

So do you want to spend a day learning how to find stories with me?  Shoot me a note if you want me out in your neck of the woods in 2016.  We’ll see if we can make it happen.  And if you’re in the Eugene or Portland area and are interested in attending those workshops, drop me a note on that as well.

Trailer Boy out.

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