Death’s Dark Shadows Put to Flight

2016-12-24-10-24-42Happy Christmas again, folks.  Early, I posted my favorite song for the season.  Here, as I stare down the barrel of turning 49 in a few weeks, I identify much more with Tim Minchin’s song.  I celebrate Christmas as a part of my culture but it’s a secular holiday for me.  I’m an agnostic atheist with Buddhist trappings and a deep love of philosophy and science.

But back in the day, I was quite a devout fellow or trying really hard to be.  A young Southern Baptist pastor prepping special sermons for the holiday season knowing I’d see up-ticks in attendance during those times.  I even wrote Christmas music of my own to go with my sermons.

I moved through that time in my life, gathering a lot of good despite the cognitive dissonance it often created.  I don’t regret having lived in that world but I’m grateful for the one I’m in now.  Still, I celebrate the holidays and there is a certain nostalgia in those times when I look back to my days of faith.


And I still sing the songs.  Even if I agree with Minchin that the lyrics as “dodgy.”  So this morning, in the quiet of the Den of Ken while the world slept, I recorded my favorite back then.  I always liked the minor key.  It would mash up nicely with Sounds of Silence….

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