Happy Book Birthday, HYMN!

Today is the day.

After over a decade in the trenches, the Psalms of Isaak is wrapped and the last volume, HYMN, releases today in print and in audio both.

Too many feels to list.  This project was certainly the biggest challenge of my writing career and I wrote this 750,000 word saga through some of the hardest, most painful events of my adult life.  It was quite a decade.

After all the delays, I’m pleased to see it go out into the world.  I hope it does well and that now, with the series complete, we’ll see it get some traction in sales.

My other book launches were certainly more of a bang.  Multi-city signings and events, etc.  This time around, it’s more of a whimper and I’m okay with that.  A scattering of guest posts, a signing in Powell’s on January 11, and a trip to the Bay Area next weekend that I arranged myself last summer to participate in SF in SF.

I love this note I received the other day in the cover email of an interview request.  It brought tears to my eyes.

“And for what it’s worth, I loved HYMN from beginning to end. You did an amazing job of bringing this story to its conclusion, and I was in tears by its end. Thank you for an amazing series.”

Thank you, all of you, for buying the books and encouraging this often worn out Trailer Boy along the trail.



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