Lamentation Makes Underrated Gems of Sci-Fi and Fantasy List!

A FB friend tagged me in a congrats and link last night and I discovered Unbound Worlds’ list of 26 Underrated Sci-Fi and Fantasy Gems You Shouldn’t Miss included a little book called Lamentation.  The timing is quite lovely given that the first four books just became available as an e-bundle and the fifth (and final) volume will be out in just a few months.  Fingers crossed that it will help folks find this series that everyone keeps telling me they love but not so many people seem to be buying.

I’m amazed at the company I’m keeping on this list.  And I love that I’m right below Mary (Doria Russell) whose Sparrow gosh-wowed me back in 1998 when I was trying to break in.

This was a grand surprise!  Check it out….

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