Live from Cornelius, Oregon!

Howdy folks.  Not much to report.  We’re three months and some change from Hymn dropping on the world.  The first four books are now bundled so we’ll see how the series does over the next little while.  With all of the changes in my life, I’ve given myself until January to return to writing.  For now, I’m biding my time with some consulting work with Cascade Writers as they tackle a strategic planning process.

And I’m playing music and looking for gigs closer to my new home.  I’ve heard through a friend of Keith’s that the McMenamins out here are looking for a new, non-country sound.  I think he and I have that in spades.  So our hat has been thrown in the ring.  We’ll see.

I’m settling into the new home and enjoying the vegetables grown by the prior owners.  Corn, zucchini, tomatoes so far.  I’ve been getting things organized and put away slowly and the rest of the Den of Ken will show up next Friday.  And of course, I’m getting the girls ready for school (clothes shopping two weeks ago, supply shopping yesterday) so we’re staying busy.  Oh and I’m adjusting to my new job — after 9 months, I’ve promoted back into the classification I left in 2012 and I started last week.  Lots of familiar faces in my building.

Over the last year or so, I’ve found a pretty nifty handle on recognizing where stress and resiliency come from that has led to a relatively peaceful transition overall.  It’s certainly had moments where the stress felt more real than the resiliency but considering my lifetime of C-PTSD, it’s been a remarkable, life-changing understanding especially combined with Lipov’s block.  Still, I’ve done enough work and gone through enough change to feel pretty tired.  But I see things settling down a bit in the fall with a book-birthday in the winter.  Leroy and I agree that after all of that, we’ll figure out something to work on and get it started in January for my 50th birthday.

I have a long list of potential projects but your vote counts.  Feel free to suggest what kind of Ken Scholes tale you’d like to see — length and genre — and me and Leroy will take it under consideration.  Psalms of Isaak tie-ins count.

Trailer Boy out.

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