Quick Update at the End of a Busy, Busy Week

Wow.  The week totally got away from me so I’ve pretty absent here.  Usually, on Sundays or Mondays, I set up a week’s worth of Song of the Days and figure out which other things to toss into the blog.  But Sunday, I taught “Muse Management” here in Saint Helens and then Monday, I drove north for a bunch of meetings.  I got home Thursday and then had my talk at the library to kick off NaNoWriMo (one of my favorite annual events here in town.)  so it was a busier week than normal as far as the Introvert Burn goes.  But a fantastic week, nonetheless.

So a couple of things.

I’m working on Hymn (past 80k words now) and found some words even this week.  I am hoping to nail it by the end of November but it could slide a week or two in December.  Usually, my momentum, speed and daily wordcounts start picking up after three weeks and continue to climb.  I’m enjoying being back to work on it and it’s coming together nicely.

Because there were several last minute cancellations and a bunch of new interest at last night’s library kick-off, I am looking at another “Muse Management and Production in the Story Factory” here in Saint Helens, OR potentially 1/23 or 1/30.  If you’re interested, shoot me a note to workshops (at) kenscholes (dot com) without all the spaces and parenthesis.  $100 for a seven hour day.  Check the Workshops tab on the website for details.

I’ll be at Orycon and Powell’s Authorfest the weekend of November 20-21.  I’ll be doing my first official concert at Orycon Friday 11/19 at 8pm.  Also, Jay and I are up for an Endeavour award for METAtropolis:  The Wings We Dare Aspire.  He’s on three of the five slots so I’m certain my pal will win somewhere.  Sigh.  I sure do miss my friend.

My last gigs of the year are:

Village Inn Lounge, Saint Helens OR, November 6 and December 4 at 7pm.

Starbucks Brewery Blocks, Portland OR, December 18 at 7pm.

And I continue to navigate some rather large stressors but between my tribe and rigorous self care, I’m doing pretty well with it all.  PTSD continues to remain in remission and I continue to make forward progress in the areas of my life I’m working on at the moment.

Today, I’m a tired Trailer Boy from a busy, busy week full of amazing people.  Some words and watching the rain from the Den of Ken window are just what the doctor ordered.

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